Eazy PG Helps In Preparing Reports And 24/7 Monitiring


Eazy pg

It’s so tedious to maintain records of multiple pgs; I have no time for my family.

Oh god! Help me this Pg business is haunting life out of me.

 Has this Pg business marked a full stop to your personal life?


Why to bother god when an app can do it all. Make your life easy-peasy with Eazypg manager app.


EasyPg manager app not only saves your time, but also money and efforts.

 It’s such a customized and user-friendly pg/hostel/ flat management software that come handy for Pg owners.

NO TRAINING REQUIRED!  It’s simple ABCM_-_ (Any Body Can Manage)


Importance of recording and analysing shouldn’t be overlooked by any business organization in long run

Eazy pg

1) Proper record of income & expenses: 

We understand that to run a business effectively you require data, records, reports, analysis correct information about resources, debt, liabilities and profits; but why to go for pen-paper, Excel or manual spreadsheets when an app  can do it all

For your convenience EasyPg manager app is installed with strong financial software to maintain a regular record of all your pending, paid, prepaid income and expenses. Using this Pg management software is much easier than the monotonous job of bookkeeping, manual recording and updating the spreadsheets.




2) Routinely Automatic attendance: Eazypg manager app featured with powerful tracking, recording, monitoring system. App offers real time synchronisation of attendance status. The dashboard provides the admin with real time head count and daily attendance data to feed the security purposes of the Pg/hostel accommodation.



3) Food required and food wasted: “take all you can eat but eat all you take”

Why to cook extra food to feed bin when you can have daily information about amount food required. By EasyPg, owner can  update the food menu on the app. Tenants can have a look on the menu at EasyPg tenant app and let the cook know beforehand whether he/she would take the upcoming breakfast, lunch or dinner. Automatic fine system is installed in the app for all those who waste food at the Pg premises.

Why to fill bin?

When that food can feed starving thin.



4)Inform about any visitors at Pg: entry of a unwanted visitor may hamper the safe ambiance of your Pg. Eazypg manager app  notify you and parents of the tenant about  the visitor’s entry in the Pg premises. This would not only establish a sense of discipline at your Pg but also ensure your 24/7 jurisdiction. A detailed systematic record is maintained of every uninformed visitor entering the pg premises

“Trust people but always keep an eye open”


Don’t want to work hard like a donkey?

So what about being as smart as a fox?

A smart way is just a click away from you

Install EazyPg manager app now 


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