PG Owners Collected Rent Even During The Pandemic. Know-How?

The lockdown has caused severe financial strain for PG owners across India. While PG owners are trying their hardest to keep their tenants safe from getting affected by the coronavirus, they are also struggling to make ends meet during such a difficult time.

They are having trouble collecting the rent because while some tenants are temporarily away from their PGs, some are having financial problems. We, at EazyPG, recognize that tenants’ rent is necessary for PG owners to pay the staff salary, electricity bills, food bills, taxes, building rent, and other expenses.

And that’s why we came up with THE RENT CAMPAIGNS because our PG owners’ problems are our problems too!

What is a Rent Campaign?

A Rent campaign is an automated campaign feature by EazyPG, which allows PG owners to design a rent collection strategy for their tenants.

In simple words, Rent campaign is a way where we help PG owners collect their rent by reaching out to tenants through various communication modes such as SMS, calls, etc. We request and encourage the Tenants to pay the rent or the amount of rent decided by their PG owner in the campaign.

We understand that the times are tough for PG Owners and that’s why we are standing strong with them!

Some of the rent campaigns that we are running for the PG owners are:

The Other Perks of Our Rent Campaigns:

  • *0% payment gateway charges on UPI, debit cards, credit cards, net banking & Wallets wherein charges are borne by EazyPG. It allows the owners to collect rent from 15+ different payment modes on a single App.
  • Pre-added credits to tenants’ accounts by EazyPG as decided by PG owners.
  • Offers like Amazon Prime membership, cashback, and many more.

Our Success Story

Our well-thought and implemented Rent Campaigns turned out to be a huge success!

Through our rent campaigns, we communicated the daily struggles of PG owners and their staff with the tenants. Not just that, we also gave many exciting offers to tenants from our side. All these encouraged tenants to pay their rent and helped their PG survive the pandemic. The tenants were NOT enforced to pay any amount to their owners. These rent campaigns were started with a goal to help PG owners collect rent on time. And we are so glad that we are achieving it even during the pandemic.

All thanks to the idea, EazyPG’s users all over India have witnessed unexpected stability in the rent collection of March to June during this lockdown.

It’s not over yet! We are expecting to serve at least 1000+ PG owners by communicating with 50,000+ tenants in the next few weeks. So if you are struggling to collect rent, Download our EazyPG Manager app and let us help you in your rent collection!

A friend in need is a friend indeed — EazyPG is definitely that friend!

Download our EazyPG App and choose your plan now!

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