Hey are you a Pg owner :-

rent management

Tired of knocking on doors for rent?  Exhausted with the random excuses of tenants? Weary with subsequent delays in rent payment? Isn’t it tedious to systematically calculate bills and rents with traditional means?


Why don’t you appoint a versatile PG manager to execute all your rent management tasks efficiently, with extreme loyalty?

Yes, we understand that being a landlord you don’t perceive rent management as some casual run errand but a as a core business activity, thus can’t trust anyone.

“It’s really hard to trust people these days”

But what about machines and technology? 

Well we hereby introduce you with the EazyPg manager app, it directs traditional rental property owner towards a tech savvy way where they can do everything themselves with a click anytime anywhere.


EasyPg manager app is a one stop destination to all your rental property related problems. Rent management is easy-peasy with EasyPg. The app is designed with the strongest financial software to keep persistent track on all money related transactions. Here are some of its features



rent management
rent management


ONLINE RENT & BILL PAYMENT, DIRECTLY TO YOUR ACCOUNT: First stage of Rent management is rent collection. Isn’t it great that you can finally pay bills and rents without cash or writing a cheque? With EazyPg get all your rents and bills transferred straight to your bank account, No need to take cheque  or transaction no. In NEFT. It’s totally convenient because there are no additional service charges, an initiative towards cashless society.




AUTOMATIC LATE FINES: We Indians don’t put on the seat belt unless we cross a traffic cop, now question arises why? As we only follow rules

In the fear of being punished or penalised. This penalties work as incentives to encourage people to follow established rules and regulations. In that similar way rent management system of Eazy Pg manager app impose some fines and penalties on the tenants for late rent payment of rent or bills.


MULTIPLE CALLS AND SMS REMINDERS: No more awkward conversation with tenants or their parents for payment of rent or bills. Eazy Pg manager app keeps sending rent and bill reminders to parents as well as the tenants. These reminders further followed by wake-up calls till the rent is payed. 

Eazy Pg ensure 90% of rent collection till the 5th of the month. 


KEEP YOUR DATA SAFE: An accountant might leak out your business information but with Eazy Pg manager no third party can look into your business. Your financial information is safe and secure in eazy pg app, protected by a strong password. Detail of each business transaction in one app which you can carry anywhere with ease, all documents are now motile like your mobile!


FREE MONTHLY INCOME AND EXPENSES BALANCESHEET: Are you still jotting down your each transaction on paper? Paper-pen, Excel or tally sounds so obsolete when you can record each of your transaction in a click by Eazy PG app.

“Save your time, efforts and money with Eazy PG manager app”.

 The data processing is real quick thus it save your precious time and also saves your money which you would have paid to your accountant for recording your Pgs’ income and expenses in the books. 



When it comes to money, don’t trust any” manage it yourself with EazyPg manager app


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